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Our General Policy.

The games provided by this site are considered to be from the public domain, e.g. they are widely found on many other gaming sites etc., and comply with second party site's policies. We try our best to give as much credit back to those authors/owners/organisations etc. as possible.

But if you believe such a game should not be featured on our website, Please contact the webmaster and we shall arrange to take off the game as soon as possible. Usually within 24-48 hours.

Our Multi-Player Games Policy.

  • All visitors may enter and play multiplayer games at their own risk.
  • Flash Games is not responsible for any vulgar or offensive language, or anything that may offend anyone in general.
  • Anyone offended with offensive language or inappropriate material should not enter a chat room - that includes our Multi-Player chat rooms as well.
  • Anyone caught causing offense in our chat rooms will be immediately deleted from our user database.
  • If you see or witness anyone causing offense in our chat rooms, please inform us and provide us with some kind of evidence (e.g. a snapshot of the screen containing the chat window).

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